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I wear a lot of hats.

Click one to learn more. Or keep scrolling for a quick intro.

Zach Linge, Word Doctor.

Good to meet you.

PhD in English Creative Writing and a decade of writing and editing experience. Here to create or clean up your copy.


After grad school, I took a gig editing daily news-analysis briefings for the White House. Then I became a full-time English professor. The whole time, I've been working with people like you to make messaging that resonates. You guessed right: I've been busy.

But the thing that drives me is a passion for improving communication. I believe language matters. The right language makes people act. Keep scrolling to find out how I do that.

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Patrick Adamski, CEO & Founder

MiraMotion | Groß-Umstadt, Germany

“Zach delivered outstanding work and went the extra mile to support me with his own initiatives. ... We are already planning the next project together."


This might not be your cup of tea. But poetry is where it all started for me. Learning the ins and outs of craft means you can consider what ChatGPT can't: audience, exigence, empathy, and voice.

If you're into that, check out the poetry page.


From line edits to global visions, I bring my experience at the helm of two literary magazines to address your needs: copyediting, proofreading, developmental editing, fact-checking, formatting...


See what I mean: editing page.


My specialty is writing whole sites with a unified brand voice. This means prospective customers have a feel for who you are. Smart. Empathetic. Unpretentious. 

Get a fuller sense of this by visiting my copywriting page.


Many of my clients are converts. What started with copywriting work turned into long-term communications consulting. Ramp up your brand or adjust your messaging strategy for new audiences.

Learn more: consulting page.

Contact me for a free 30-min consultation.

It's the least I can do. And it's your time to spend however you'd like:

  • Initial consultation for copywriting, editing, or communications services

  • Cold-read suggestions for website, social media profile, or communications strategy​

  • US-entry communications recommendations for European companies

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