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Gaining an edge over your competition requires more than industry knowledge and hard work. 
It takes a balanced strategy and fresh perspective. That’s where I come in. 


Here’s what you get.

  1. Expertise: My background is in new media, English, communications, and creative writing. It equips me to provide adaptive solutions for complex messaging and communications.

  2. Perspective: My view of your organization is unbiased. That makes it easier for me to identify strategies and opportunities that are difficult for insiders to see.

  3. Customization: Your solutions should cater to your goals. Not to somebody’s political agenda. Not to moneymen puppeteering for their own financial gain. Bespoke strategies for your most pressing needs.

  4. Flexibility: Think of me as your on-call word doctor. Available whenever you’re ready to level up. 401K and advanced notice not required.

  5. Passion: Sure I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone. But I’m no naturally gifted gabber. My gift is a passion for learning—about you, your company, and your challenges. That, and strategies that persuade.

  6. Reliability: I work with language. A/B-tested, focus-group-friendly, heavily workshopped language. You work with a network of scholars, businesspeople, and translators when you work with me. 

  7. Confidentiality: There’s a reason I was entrusted with the White House briefing. When you collaborate with me, you can trust that I uphold the same high ethical standards, ensuring that your confidential data remains protected and secure.


“We will continue to work with Zach for as long as Zach will let us.” 
Daniel Hixon, Vice President of Quality Clinicians

“Outstanding… Detailed and customer-oriented, high-quality work.”
Patrick Adamski, CEO & Founder of MiraMotion


Many of my clients are copy-converts. With them, what begins as simple copywriting jobs turns into lasting relationships. When you see what a qualified writer can do to win over audiences, you want to pick their brain for other comms techniques.

I’ve provided branding consultations for clients in healthcare, staffing, publishing, and manufacturing. And I’ve worked with c-suites on overarching communication strategies. To be fair, this wasn’t just good luck on my part. 

Whether scripting elevator pitches or attending expos, I use my cumulative work and research history to deliver strategies that work. More than 95% of my work is from repeat clients because they see results.

No, it doesn’t take a small library of media scholarship to understand what makes for an effective tweet. And you don’t need a decade of university teaching experience to know how to pitch an idea to potential partners. But it doesn’t hurt to have both.

Shoot me a message. Let’s see what we can do together.

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