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You care about impact. I get that.

My PhD is in creative writing. That means I know how language makes people feel. And more importantly, how it makes them act. 

That’s what this is about. The need for somebody who cares as much as you do. For the right words in the right places. For nouns that carry and verbs that whistle. Sharper language, greater impact. I’m the doc for that. 


“Do yourself a favor and hire Zach.” 
Daniel Hixon, Vice President of Quality Clinicians


My clients are kind of a big deal. So are you. 

Over the past decade, I’ve worked with local store owners, international firms, and government. 

I’ve edited outward-facing copy for international consortiums. Written lease negotiations for contractors. Edited monographs. Penned interviews for Pulitzer Prize winners. I’ve contributed to daily briefings for the White House. All my clients have one thing in common: they don’t settle for less. 


There’s a reason people trust me. And they keep coming back. 



“Quick, smart & clever copy. Nothing but amazing.”
Giovanni Brees, Cofounder of BoostYourCampaign


But enough about us. Let’s look at the work.




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Flexible manufacturing
One-stop shop

MiraMotion works with industry experts who maintain today’s top-selling products while keeping an eye on tomorrow’s new demands.

We get it. Nurturing young products is time-consuming and challenging. A similar challenge arises for products that are past their prime. We provide flexible solutions for all challenges in a product’s lifecycle. Call us the one-stop shop for when extra time makes or breaks a deal.

Let’s talk solutions.



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The Netflix of Lasting Fashion: Knitting & Crochet

Coming soon to Kickstarter | Be first on the list for our new streaming service & shopping experience

The first streaming service for knitting & crochet

Join K&N’s 80,000+ existing members for access to the first streaming service for patterns. Soon you’ll be able to browse high-quality patterns on our app and begin your next project with a click.

No more punching in your info every time you find a new design. No more committing to a stitch just because you bought it. With K&N you can soon browse and plan all the projects that pique your interest. 

Easy-to-find, seamless designs. Every time.

Browse thousands of patterns with ease on our user-friendly app. Visit the trends page or start a project directly from a friend’s post. No having to ask for patterns or for where your friends got them. Simply find one you like and click – it’s yours.

And don’t worry about quality. Our designer ensures each pattern you select is easy to read and follow. That way you can focus on making beautiful pieces of clothing, one perfect pattern at a time.


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A shark of a shoe

Coming soon to Kickstarter | Be first to learn when Porbeagle makes a splash

Holy mackerel!

The porbeagle is a fast and active mackerel shark. Fierce but playful, it swims both solo and in groups. Like you, it knows where it wants to go and wastes no moment getting there. Like you, it adapts – and fast.

You know a Porbeagle when you see one

The details make the sneaker what it is. And you are what you wear. Quick in the deep, savage in the shallows. Always down for fun.

Fin-shaped stitches mark the heel. A tooth-cut leather eyestay surrounds downward-facing laces. Playful gills accentuate the sides. And our dorsal-in-the-wave icon is centered on each padded tongue.

Premium suede, ethically made

Sustainably crafted in Felgueiras, Portugal, by lifelong shoemakers in a dedicated workshop. Handmade by ethically paid artisans.

Chromium-free because we prioritize excellence. That means avoiding the effects Chromium has on shoemakers and the environment.

We take sustainably seriously, so you can enjoy worry-free adventuring in your new Porbeagles.



Company Story

We were told we could be anything when we grew up, but no one told us how. Finding good work as clinicians, in particular, is tough. 

That’s why we created Goodwork, an app designed to simplify the process of connecting clinicians and employers. Our goal is to provide a user-friendly platform that eliminates the hassle of job searching, allowing clinicians to focus on delivering exceptional care while working with supportive employers. 

Hassle-free. That’s our promise. 



So you like what you see.

Contact me. Let's capture their attention.

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