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…is the name of my first manuscript.

Poems from this manuscript have been published in places like The Atlantic, Ploughshares, and Poetry Magazine.


EVERYTHING EVERYTHING has only ever been the bridesmaid, never the bride. But that means Louise Glück and Diane Suess both have read it. Even if it was just a finalist for the contests they were judging.


The full table of contents is below. 
If the poems have been published, they’re linked and underlined.


Fingers on a Gay Man


Overdose Dream
The Edge of a Still and Dark Lake
Petition with Apocalypse
We Wanted to Be the Sky

Treating the Symptom

Blow for the Morning
On Revelation from a Southern California Rehab
Aesthetics of the Supporting Cast
Wrong Story Right Time
Sticky Pad
Newly Sober


Purgatory Nest
Imaging the Aftertimes
Sharing the Play Pod
Corpus Christi
Loud and Out
Balancing the Scales
Jazz Outside St. Mark’s Wildlife
Notes from a Deposit Slip
Star Murderer
Poem Ending with a Line by Britney

Decontextualizing My Delight


In Holding
Relapse Dream
Every Song You’d Play While High Is Haunted NowMaking Amends

Making Amends

The Addict Speaks from Experience
For Baron B.
Bring the OJ
Basic Romance
Turn from God and into an Exhibitionist
Everything Everything


Offered as Suddenly a Forest
We’ll Be Cautious, Take Things Slow, We Tell Ourselves, Each Other
First Day of Equinox in Glitter
Holograph Prayer
My Boyfriend Is a Good Man
You Think I’m Asking
Ode on an Old Music Box
Tilling the Tongue
Future Love
Christ Year

Elegy on the Interstate






If you want to hear/read me talking about my poems—
try WVIA Public Radio, Radio Free Brooklyn, NER Out Loud, Blue Mountain Review, or The Wombwell Radio.

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