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5 Things Your Copywriter Can Do That A.I. Can't

ChatGPT can do a lot. Seriously. We haven't scratched the surface. But here are 5 things your copywriter can do that A.I. can't.

1. Understand your audience: Good content resonates with particular groups of people because a copywriter takes people's interests, pain points, and values into account.

2. Creativity: AI can't yet match the level of creativity and originality that a human has. A creative's ideas, concepts, and angles? Androids could only dream of those electric sheep.

3. Tone and voice: Expert copywriters create your personality and tone and implement it consistently. Because we can.

4. Context: Human-generated copy fits within particular contexts. We consider medium, platform, and audience, making sure it's appropriate and effective. No black flies in your chardonnay.

5. Emotional connection: For me, this is where having Ph.D. in English Creative Writing proves really useful. I use storytelling techniques, metaphors, and other devices to create an emotional connection with the reader. AI can't do that.

And it's emotion that sells. Not bare content.

I should also mention that pesky little problem of copyright. The short of it is you don't own anything you get from ChatGPT. Thanks for the buzzkill, CPI & Reuters.

Let's see what ChatGPT thinks about this question...

"Overall, while AI can be a powerful tool for generating content, copywriters offer a unique set of skills that cannot be replicated by machines."

I guess The Singularity isn't quite that near, after all.

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