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Professorial Experience

The first time I taught a college class by myself, I was a master’s student TA’ing for Intro to Research Methods. The professor was ill and, midway through the term, died. I assumed the administration knew.


Here are the courses I’ve since taught. In all the following cases, the administration knew I was the instructor of record.




ENG 297 – Addiction in Literature
ENG 297 – Disability in Literature
ENG 200 – Critical Reading and Writing
ENG 188 – Brief Conversations with Giants
ENG 111 – Principles of Writing



CRW 3311 – Poetic Technique
ENC 3310 – Article and Essay Technique
ENC 2135 – Research, Genre, and Context
ENC 1101 – Freshman Composition and Rhetoric
LIT 3024 – Perspectives on the Short Story

Sometimes people invite me to teach in their classes and programs. 
I’ve guest-lectured at NC State, FSU’s Medical Humanities Program, UT San Antonio, and elsewhere.


Scholarly journals? I also do those.

Here are some of the nerdiest things I’ve written. 
They’re in peer-reviewed journals:

Network Temporality in Percival Everett’s Poetry

Retracing the Hype about Hyper into Percival Everett

The Body Out of Place: Reading Percival Everett through Sara Ahmed


There’s just— 

random work 
that goes into academia. 
Here’s my CV for the other stuff.

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